What are we doing this year?

Like a lot of people:  I had plans.   We all did, didn’t we?   I was going to launch this year with a bunch of X, and I was going to throw in some Y, and top it all off with some Z.   Yep. But 2020 took a left turn, and now here we are.   So what do we do? We pivot. SO— this year, as a guide, I’m using a quote that my grandmother used to say all the time:  “Use what you have and you’ll never want.”   I don’t do this often but, this year, I’ll be sharing stories from my personal life.   Stories that have NEVER been told. I’m going into the files, and finding and scanning the pics, and telling all the tales. The stipulation for their inclusion is that they all must relate to Halloween.   So come along on this little personal journey with me.  There’s a lot you’ll find interesting.   Gather ‘round the campfire and listen to a few stories.   There’s always time enough for one more story.   One more story before Midnight.   Just to keep us warm... -  AllHallowSteve, Octob
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