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Halloween Spotted: The Black Phone behind the scenes...

I started working my way through my new themed list of movies (more on that closer to October) and one of the entries I was looking forward to watching was the adaptation of author Joe Hill's "The Black Phone" short story.  Having really enjoyed it I of course dove into the making-of featurettes that were included on Peacock Premium.  I was super surprised and pleased to see that both lead actor Ethan Hawke and the Make-Up FX Department Head Rick Pour made references to the Halloween season in their interviews.  Ethan Hawke, The Black Phone behind-the-scenes.   "The joy of doing a scary movie is that I always like to picture a group of friends going to a movie theater at midnight on Halloween or people having a sleepover party, and it's your job --like you're sitting around a campfire-- it's your job to tell a scary story." - Ethan Hawke, The Black Phone "Ethan Hawke's Evil Turn" behind the scenes segment. Rick Pour, Make-Up FX, The B
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Halloween Spotted: The Hunt

  Still from The Hunt. Early on in the black comedy horror romp The Hunt , there appears a smiling jack o' lantern and pal pumpkin on top of a refrigerated cooler in the general store.  Nothing more need be said except that things don't go well from there...

Halloween Spotted: New York Times Arts & Leisure Film section...

Oh, New York Times... you're so cheeky. As part of the large Arts & Leisure Film section of Sunday's 9/11/22 paper, Halloween Ends gets a mention in the calendar for the rest of the year's releases.   Though I'm looking forward to the "final" installment of this franchise, I can't say I disagree with them... NY Times, 9/11/22  

Halloween Spotted: "Light & Magic" documentary on Disney+

HALLOWEEN SPOTTED: Spotted in the excellent documentary "Light & Magic" on Disney+, Steve "Spaz" Williams' office at Industrial Light & Magic back in the '90s featured both a honeycomb pumpkin decoration and a Halloween 2 (1981) poster.

What did Steven Soderbergh watch on Halloween in 2021?

As a movie buff --ahem-- "cinefile," I look forward every year to director Steven Soderbergh's "Seen, Read," blog post , a meticulously curated list of all the media he consumed that year, by date.  My first stop, always, is what he watched on October 31st, Halloween...

Halloween Spotted: "The Storyteller" by Dave Grohl

In Dave Grohl’s autobiography “The Storyteller” there are Halloween mentions on pages 158 (Nirvana's Seattle show) & 262 (mentioned as part of really creepy ghost story).   A fantastic read, overall.   https:// (Affiliate link. I might get a small commission.)

"Halloween" poem by Robert Burns

  I was tooling around THIS website: and found this etching from ~1896 entitled "Halloween"from The Poetry of Robert Burns, Vol. 1 .  This, of course, moved me to seek out the poem that it accompanies, and I found that HERE.