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My Favorite Halloween Things - 2020

Like a lot of people:  I had plans.   We all did, didn’t we?   I was going to launch a big stunt on this year with a bunch of X, and I was going to throw in some Y, and top it all off with some Z.   Yep. But 2020 took a left turn, and well--- here we are.   So what do we do?   We pivot. I'm going to put that stunt on a shelf for now--don't worry, it'll keep. A lot of my usual Halloween traditions went out the window this year, so I depended on streaming, shipping, and creativity to make the most of this season. So with that, here are 10 things that made me happy this Halloween season...
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Halloween Scenes: Jack Reacher

As a condition to work for him, Jack Reacher makes Helen research the victims of a mysterious shooting.  In a flashback, Helen recounts how victim Rita Coronado was often late for work so that she could personally escort her son to school, to make sure he went.  Though only seconds on-screen, the shot of Rita's house decorated for Halloween show a myriad of homemade decorations.  

Halloween Scenes: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

 Leave it to Tim Burton to put a glorious Halloween Scene in a movie about candy.  

Halloween Scenes: Robocop (1987)

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if it weren't for Halloween, Murphy would have never overridden his Robocop programming and become human.  

Halloween Scenes: The Karate Kid

Like E.T., The Karate Kid has one of the best Halloween Scenes:  integral to the plot, chock full of Halloween spirit, and creative costumes galore.  

Halloween Scenes: Creepshow

I hesitate to even call this a "Halloween Scene"--- it's really just a jack o' lantern in a window. But in this case, it's an accumulation:  a sum total of spooky things that bumps this one to Halloween Scene status. 

Halloween Scenes: Can't Buy Me Love

  The 1987 gem Can't Buy Me Love (starring a very pre-McDreamy Patrick Dempsey as Ronnie Miller) features a Halloween scene that is a low point for the character.