Can you see this?

 When I pick out a bag of Halloween candy, I have a number of considerations:

1)  Is the purpose of the candy to be given away to trick or treaters?  Rarely do I pick something that is SOLELY for TrTers.  Especially if there's doubt if I'll get any at all.  So, I pick candy that *I* will like.  That way, whatever's left doesn't go to waste.  

2)  When choosing a bag of candy, I don't like bags that mix fruity flavors and chocolate flavors.  

Why?  Well, frankly, when you mix fruity and chocolatey it makes all the candy taste like barf.  

3)  Lastly:  there are candies that I just don't prefer.  Hard candies.  Well, most hard candies.  No lollipops.  But Jolly Ranchers are really unmatched in their deliciousness.  Certain chocolate candies are "meh."  Plain Hershey bars fall into that category.  Oh, and no MALTS.  Malted milk balls?  Blech.  Whoppers?  Nope.  Not in my candy.  Wonka Brands?  Absolutely.  Give me allllll the Wonka.  Except for Wonka bars.  Oh, and Gobstoppers I haven't liked since I was 13.   

Anyway--- this nuanced insanity goes on in my head whenever I have to pick a bag out.  

The footage was shot probably 3+ years ago with this video in mind.  Eagle-eyed candy buffs might notice the outdated bag artwork.  But it took this long to get it done.  And here we are.  

Yes.  This is actually what it's like in my head when I'm picking candy.  To an extreme.  Maybe. 

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  1. My granddaughter is nearly 11 and informed me she ONLY likes Jolly Ranchers now. She also said she will offer all her non-Jolly Rancher candy to her sister for any Jolly Ranchers she has. That's bold.