Can you see this?


Friday the 13th!  In October!  


Maybe not a unicorn of a match-up, but at least an albino-variety of a combo!

I had to do SOMETHING that tied into the day.

My favorite two movies from the Friday the 13th movie franchise are "Part 3 in 3D" & "Part 4" the -ahem- "Final Chapter" (which also happen to be the first films I ever watched in the series).

So "how to honor and wink at this franchise without Jason?" was the question in my head.  I figured the opening credits would be a great way to do that.  Part 3 (which was originally in red/blue 3D) had the beefy F13 logo crashing through glass, while Part 4's opening had the logo fly in with an explosion (very dramatic... it was the -ahem- "Final Chapter" remember?).  

SO!  That's what I did.  The date crashes through glass, the number of days triggers an explosion.  And then I applied a blue/red 3D effect with an iOS app called Redan 3D.  If you get your old pair of red/blue 3D glasses out, you'll see the effect.  Enjoy.

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