Can you see this?

 I'm a bit of a candy corn connoisseur.  To be clear:  I don't love it.  And I don't hate it.  I purchase a small bag of the plain ol' yellow, orange, and white variety every year.  It's more decorative.  And that little waxy sugary kick for a mid-afternoon slump is always welcome in October.  

As a kid, candy corn was what I considered "filler" candy.  It was literally the last thing I consumed after everything else was devoured from my trick or treat bag.  But I DID still eat it.  

But over the years, I've had a morbid fascination with the new varieties of candy corn that spill onto the market year after year.  Some are GREAT, like the Wonka Nerds Candy Corn which tastes like SweeTarts/Nerds/fruity-wonderfulness.  It's shaped like a candy corn, but that's where the similarities end.  

And some are AWFUL, like the Minions Candy Corn that came out a couple years ago.  With the flavors of Banana and Blue Raspberry, these blue and yellow monstrosities were NOT good.  I'm not a banana candy fan, but blue raspberry is great--- usually.  The flavors were waxy-weak, the colors very NOT Halloween-ey, and just---- blech.  I couldn't even finish the bag.  

There was one new set of flavors that I didn't get a chance to integrate into the video.  

"Fall Flavors" from Brach's has brighter takes on 6 new flavors:  Kettle Corn, Caramel Apple, Cotton Candy, Lemonade Shake-Up, Strawberry Funnel Cake, and Lemon-Lime Snowcone.  These were fun.  The color mix is nice (though it feels more summery than autumn-ey to me) and the flavors are different and pretty accurate.  I found myself falling back on Caramel Apple more often than not.  Green and brown would have been my preferred colorscheme over red and brown though.  Just sayin'...

So this video is my Candy Corn Appreciation post, using photos from regular, Minions, Nerds, and classic.  


  1. Used to love them, but it is too much for me now. And the mallocreme Pumpkins? Don't get me started.

  2. There's definitely a line where too much candy corn exists but I still love it. I've been meaning to try that Fall pack. Thanks for being part of the Countdown! - Cryptkeeper Dex