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Excited to find out that my question, “You’re being shipped off to a desert island and you can only bring one book, one movie, and one song to represent Halloween. What are they?” was not only selected but incited such great discussion on the Haunted Hangover podcast Episode 52 "Halloween Hangout 2021."  Starts around 1:12:51 and was the show closer question.  Made me realize how I really need to read the original "The Haunted Mask" Goosebumps book to fill that pop-culture gap in my Halloween knowledge. 

My answers by the way are:

1.  Movie:  Trick 'r Treat (2007).  


It's got everything I like in my Halloween:  short stories (it's an anthology), comic books (the animated bumpers), werewolves, costumes, candy, jack o' lanterns, even Halloween safety videos.  It's all there and soaked in ambience.  

2.  Book: "October Dreams."

October Dreams book cover.

A thick tome that I purchased from a bookstore window in a sleepy New England town.  Seriously.  

Full of short stories, memories of Halloween (by notables such as Ray Bradbury), little graphics--- I love, love, LOVE this book.

3.  Song:  "Keepin' Halloween Alive" by Alice Cooper

Keepin' Halloween Alive by Alice Cooper single cover.

No one really talks about this song.  It doesn't appear too often on Halloween mixes.  And I'm always surprised when Halloween fans have never heard of it.  It quietly dropped back in 2009 and despite me trumpeting its wonderfulness, it just sort of quietly exists out there.  When Alice Cooper--- the original 'shock rocker,' the guy who's appeared in a John Carpenter film (Prince of Darkness), who's played Freddy Krueger's father, who created a song for Friday the 13th Part VI:  Jason Lives, creates a song specifically for and about Halloween, I sit up and listen.  It's quick.  It's fun.  It's snappy.  It's about celebrating our favorite holiday season every single day.  It's my pick.


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