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Halloween Spotted: The Black Phone behind the scenes...

I started working my way through my new themed list of movies (more on that closer to October) and one of the entries I was looking forward to watching was the adaptation of author Joe Hill's "The Black Phone" short story.  Having really enjoyed it I of course dove into the making-of featurettes that were included on Peacock Premium.  I was super surprised and pleased to see that both lead actor Ethan Hawke and the Make-Up FX Department Head Rick Pour made references to the Halloween season in their interviews. 

Ethan Hawke, The Black Phone behind-the-scenes.

"The joy of doing a scary movie is that I always like to picture a group of friends going to a movie theater at midnight on Halloween or people having a sleepover party, and it's your job --like you're sitting around a campfire-- it's your job to tell a scary story." - Ethan Hawke, The Black Phone "Ethan Hawke's Evil Turn" behind the scenes segment.

Rick Pour, Make-Up FX, The Black Phone

"Scott, our director, changed his mind and decided that all the ghost kids were going to be practical makeup effects.  Everybody was really, really excited about it and the kids loved it.  We were told multiple times that we're their favorite department to work with because they got to, y'know, play Halloween every day."  - Rick Pour, Makeup & Makeup FX Department Head, The Black Phone "Devil in the Design" behind the scenes segment.



What did Steven Soderbergh watch on Halloween in 2021?

As a movie buff --ahem-- "cinefile," I look forward every year to director Steven Soderbergh's "Seen, Read," blog post , a meticulously curated list of all the media he consumed that year, by date.  My first stop, always, is what he watched on October 31st, Halloween...

Personal Stories: My Beloved Beistle Jointed Skeleton Decoration

To me, Halloween isn't just a feeling in the air as the temperature begins to drop.  It's not just the smell of "Pumpkin Spice" and the petrichor of wet leaves.  And it's not just the taste of a fresh fall apple or the latest seasonal junk food stunt.  It's a nostalgic attachment to imagery and items that --when seen-- trigger a sense-memory to a time of youth, excitement and exuberance.    Halloween decorations fall into the latter and, to some, these things may just be pieces of cardboard or plastic.  Disposable.  Temporary and signifying nothing. To me however, there are certain Halloween decorations I have a strong connection with and the Beistle Jointed Skeleton is one of them.

Of Sodas and Simulacrum: Why Mountain Dew's Halloween Sodas are Important...

Well I have found, purchased, and consumed Mountain Dew's third incarnation of their Halloween-themed "mystery flavor" soda:  VooDew 3.  And I have my guess as to what flavor it is... It's peanut butter. Wait---now, hear me out...