Can you see this?


Here's the thing...
Once again, I'll be participating in the annual "Countdown to Halloween" Blog-o-Thon.  

This is my 13th (?!?!) year of participating in the Countdown--- having gone from one blog, to Twitter only, to Instagram, to Substack, to a new blog. 

The vehicle doesn't matter, the journey does.  

Click the badge above to peruse the 2022 participants. 

I went with the ghost badge as I decided a ghost theme to view my Halloween through in '22 was the way to go for me.  More on that soon.

Special thanks to Michelle & Dex for doing the heavy lifting so we can all provide digital tricks & treats to all kids large and small.
My goal is a post-a-day for October (which is my goal every year before life intervenes).  My personal stipulation for their inclusion is that all posts must relate to Halloween in some way, which shouldn't be hard to do.  Halloween is bigger, better, stronger, faster than ever before ("faster"---seriously... there's tons of stuff on clearance in the stores, and Christmas is moving in...).  Some new stuff to profile, some personal stories that I didn't get to last year, it's going to be a pretty fun time and I hope you'll all enjoy it as you celebrate your own ways.

As is always the goal of Halloween Thing, if you've got a Thing for Halloween, take a look around.
You may find someThing.

-  AllHallowSteve,
October 2022