Can you see this?

I was enjoying the first episode (June 27, 2023) of Seth Meyers' new podcast "Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers" with their very first guest Amy Poehler.  The conversation wandered, as it so often does on the podcast, and soon they were talking about lying to their kids about going to amusement parks, and then Halloween.  Amy then said 

"Just don't tell them.  When the kids were little and used to trick or treat, I used to say 'Can you believe it?  You get to go to FIVE HOUSES!'

"And they'd be like 'WHAT?!'

"'You get candy from FIVE HOUSES!'  And we would be done in 20 minutes."

They touched on the Switch Witch soon after that, but it wasn't as gold and laughter inducing as that.

Anyone else find out later that their parents lied to them about Halloween in some way?

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