Can you see this?


I discovered that my iPhone comes with a free app from Apple called "Clips."  When tinkering with it to see its editing capabilities and what bells & whistles it came with, I discovered a mode called "Selfie Scenes" which are basically  360-degree virtual backgrounds.  All in the palm of your hand.  Amazing.

To my delight there's a 'mad scientist's lab' full of Tesla coils, arcing electricity, bubbling beakers, and all under a full moon shining down through the open ceiling.  A-mazing.  

I took a good half-hour looking around the virtual lab and was able to pick how I was going to shoot in this virtual set for the latest countdown entry.  What you see here is what I chose.  I added a few lightning effects from the CapCut app.  And completed the entry with classic sound effects from the USC sound archive available on the Internet Archive.  

I couldn't decide between going color or black & white, so I split the difference:  the color is posted on the Halloween Thing YouTube page, and the black & white version is on the Halloween Thing Instagram.  

For the record:  this was all filmed and edited on my iPhone.