Can you see this?


This piece of footage is over 30 years old.  Looks pretty good, eh?

It was shot on a Canon A1 Digital camera on Hi8.  And that's not a real moon.

That is actually a large-format photocopy of the surface of the moon taken from a book.  The photocopy cutout was placed on a hole in a piece of black posterboard and lit with hardware store clip-on lights with household tungsten bulbs.  The light shined through the back of the photocopy and lit up the moon as shown. A real tree branch was placed in the foreground (clipped to a tripod) and boom.  Full moon shot.  

I actually have this shot in half a dozen different colors, created by slipping a colored gel in front of the light.  Green moon?  Check.  Red moon?  Yep.  Blue moon?  All the time, not once in a while.  

Actual poster from said-mentioned Haunted maze.
The purpose of this shot was for a commercial I was working on for a local haunted house (see poster above).  The plan was to get air time on local cable or a public access spot and this was going to be part of a 30 second commercial for the haunted Halloween maze.  Time and money ran out and the commercial never came to fruition, but the moon still got used finally-------  in 2023.  😁

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