Can you see this?

I was looking over the videos I had made so far and realized I had no jack o' lanterns!  

What kind of a Halloween Video Advent Calendar countdown is this that doesn't have any jack o' lanterns?!?!

Luckily I had recently gone through and cataloged all my pumpkin-carves for THIS POST and I had all my pics handy.  I coupled that fact with a thought I had in passing:  "Remember morphing?   Boy that was a thing huh?  I wonder if I can morph on my phone?  My iPhone is, like, a 1000 times the power of what was used back in the T2 and "Black or White" days, right?"  

A few clunky app store searches later and I found "Morphose" which had a free trial.

What you see is the collision of all those ideas.  The music track was provided by CapCut and fit perfectly. 


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