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The 1987 gem Can't Buy Me Love (starring a very pre-McDreamy Patrick Dempsey as Ronnie Miller) features a Halloween scene that is a low point for the character.

The plot of the film revolves around nerdy Ronald Miller paying captain of the cheerleaders, and uber-popular girl, Cindy to go out with him for an entire month in the hopes that it will make him popular by association.  The ploy works-- for awhile.  Accepted into the jocks' pack, the boys decide to go hit the same house they've attacked for the past three Halloweens-- Ronnie's best friend Kenneth.

We get to see Ronnie's family decorating the exterior of his house as he heads out for his fateful evening.  An inflatable skeleton, a green-faced card-stock grim reaper, and an orange and black crepe-paper pinwheel can be seen.  

Though it's after dark when the boys arrive at Kenneth's house, we can see a bunch of Beistle decorations taped to the exterior:  a skeleton, witch, and black cats, before all hell breaks loose from Ronnie delivering the sh**-bomb to the front door.

Most interesting in this Halloween scene time capsule is what's NOT shown:  Ronnie's family decorating the front of the house ON Halloween shows just how far the holiday has evolved to being a SEASON--- with decorations being sold and put up weeks or months before the actual 31st.  And the pranks of throwing eggs and poop bags has largely been supplanted with either serious destructive vandalism or events replacing the ill-will entirely. 

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