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Halloween Scenes: Hellboy (2004)

Guillermo del Toro's cinematic ode to Mike Mignola's classic comic, Hellboy contains a brief but consequential Halloween scene.

When you're a 7 foot tall bright red demon, who files down the horns on his head, there's really only one night a year you can walk around without getting strange looks:  Halloween.  

After a particularly tough battle with a self-replicating creature, Hellboy hangs around outside and above ground long enough to swipe a six-pack of Bud Light from an unsuspecting clown (literally) who has left the carnival-like atmosphere of a Halloween night to make-out.   Children run by in costumes ranging from angels, to cowboys, to jesters, while orange plastic jack o' lantern string lights blaze above.  It's all enough hub-bub to allow Hellboy to pilfer the beer with his tail and head to Bellamie Hospital to swoon over his on-again/off-again girlfriend Liz.   



What did Steven Soderbergh watch on Halloween in 2021?

As a movie buff --ahem-- "cinefile," I look forward every year to director Steven Soderbergh's "Seen, Read," blog post , a meticulously curated list of all the media he consumed that year, by date.  My first stop, always, is what he watched on October 31st, Halloween...

Personal Stories: My Beloved Beistle Jointed Skeleton Decoration

To me, Halloween isn't just a feeling in the air as the temperature begins to drop.  It's not just the smell of "Pumpkin Spice" and the petrichor of wet leaves.  And it's not just the taste of a fresh fall apple or the latest seasonal junk food stunt.  It's a nostalgic attachment to imagery and items that --when seen-- trigger a sense-memory to a time of youth, excitement and exuberance.    Halloween decorations fall into the latter and, to some, these things may just be pieces of cardboard or plastic.  Disposable.  Temporary and signifying nothing. To me however, there are certain Halloween decorations I have a strong connection with and the Beistle Jointed Skeleton is one of them.

Of Sodas and Simulacrum: Why Mountain Dew's Halloween Sodas are Important...

Well I have found, purchased, and consumed Mountain Dew's third incarnation of their Halloween-themed "mystery flavor" soda:  VooDew 3.  And I have my guess as to what flavor it is... It's peanut butter. Wait---now, hear me out...