Can you see this?

As a condition to work for him, Jack Reacher makes Helen research the victims of a mysterious shooting.  In a flashback, Helen recounts how victim Rita Coronado was often late for work so that she could personally escort her son to school, to make sure he went.  Though only seconds on-screen, the shot of Rita's house decorated for Halloween show a myriad of homemade decorations.  

A paper plate ghost with hands, some orange jack o' lanterns seemingly cut from construction paper, and a white snowflake-spiderweb adorn the front window while a plastic tombstone and orange crepe jack o lantern complete the package.  The homemade decorations serve a dual purpose:  to show the passage of time from autumn to winter (contrasting with the Christmas decorations visible on the same window in the next shot), but also to show the aging of Rita's son.  
Oh and to make the window spooky.

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