Can you see this?



If Marvel Comics taught us anything it's this:  anything can happen in an alternate universe.  

So on the day that the —arguable— Halloween alternate universe 'Ends,' per the title, I give you this artifact from another timeline.

Somewhere, some Halloween, way back in the 19-Eighty-Xs, the John Carpenter comedy classic Halloween, and the super scary It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown were paired up for a “Comedy & Tragedy” night of "Two Spooky Specials."

This super rare promo was probably pulled from a yard sale VHS tape, marked "Michael Myers & Charlie Brown."

It probably aired just the one night, beyond the outer limits, in the glow of the twilight zone, on HTN—-the Halloween Thing Network…


Editing was done on LumaFusion and I used a mix of apps:  RarevisionVHS, QuickVoice, Thumbjam, Garage Band.  Stock music licensed from AudioJungle.  Voice-over work was again done by thatguysoundslike [at] gmail [dot] com.  He's quite the chameleon, mimicking the tone of network TV promos on networks like CBS & NBC. Works within any budget.  

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