Can you see this?


After wandering in to a Walgreens for an innocent toilet paper restock, I was delighted-- DELIGHTED-- to get a little dopamine burst of Halloween goodness through their now-stocked shelves.  

All kinds of good stuff.  A very decent and affordable GhostFace mask (me: "Hey that's actually rubber, not hard plastic!"), a cool skull mask with moveable jaw.  Lots of skull stuff.  Lots of pumpkin carving materials.  A giant Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.  Some good-looking full-size plastic skeletons.  A respectable jack o' lantern mug.  Check out the video for a breeze-through.  Not shown:  The candy aisle which had Tootsie Roll's Autumn Mix again.  I wrote about that bag-o-delight HERE.   


And holy moly has the Stranger Things merch train finally caught up to the demand.  All kinds of fun stuff from blankets to Halloween-themed statue-dioramas of demogorgons, or Eddie Munson slamming away at a Metallica solo.  All of the former complete with jack o' lanterns.  

So.  Y'know.  Halloween-awesome.  

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