Can you see this?


As most of the planet still swelters under the sun's laser focus, I have begun to dip my toe into the Halloween pool.

To be clear, I'm always thinking about Halloween, but come summertime, I step back a little.  

I take in the warm weather activities.

Drink an iced tea or six.

Enjoy some summer blockbusters. 

It's a necessary palate cleanser and re-set that defrags my brain.

I start around May, with full intent on riding it out 'til September, but I never make it.  

Come August, I find myself tooling around the interwebs looking for all thing black and orange.  

And, frankly, it's the perfect time TO come back because that's when the Halloween Tabs start popping up on retailer's websites.  Scroll a little to the right.  Maybe tap a drop down, and there they are... nestled in amongst the "Home" and probably adjacent to "Back to School"--- them "Halloween" tabs.   

Now if you'll excuse me.  I have to add a bunch of things to my cart..

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