Can you see this?

"I'm Stephen Montgomery.  If you move me I'll die!"

The 2nd in my "Halloween Scenes" line of posts, is a quick 5 second Halloween appearance in Director David Wain's 2nd theatrical film The Ten.

The movie is basically a series of 10 sketches built around the Ten Commandments with each sketch dealing with a different commandment.

The scene with Halloween lampoons media frenzies, with a very Entertainment Tonight-ish 'EB' ("Entertainment Beat") covering a little girl who dressed up as Stephen Montgomery for Halloween.

Who's Stephen Montgomery, you ask?

He's a man (played by Adam Brody) who jumped out an airplane without a parachute, survived the impact into the earth, but is fated to live his days in that very spot... because if you move him he'll die.

It makes more sense in the context of the movie.

Because of the brevity of the shot, there isn't too much Halloween to be seen.  The actress holds an iconic plastic jack o' lantern, and there are a couple carved pumpkins nearby.  But most of all I believe this scene shows the ingenuity of costume builders, and how Halloween costumes often reflect the times in which they're worn.

The Ten is a good time and something to be sought after by fans of MTV's sketch comedy show The State or the film Wet Hot American Summer as it features many of the same David Wain-players including the now-celebrities Paul Rudd, Liev Schreiber, Janeane Garofalo, Famke Janssen and even a pre-Mad Men Jon Hamm.

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